As a family of beekeepers with over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing  the finest locally reared colonies of honey bees, beekeeping courses, experience days, training and advise.  We also supply the finest , untreated, cold extracted honey from our own bee hives.

Nucleus colonies, honey, experience days and courses

Local open mated or F1 Buckfast nucs

Our colonies are gentle, hardworking, thrifty in the use of stores, and manages very well in our climate.   All queens are from our best uk stock and open mated to provide the genetic diversity required for strong colonies.   Local open mated or Local mated F1 Buckfast


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Bushwoodbees honey Bees  

Raw, unprocessed East London local honey. Liquid or Soft Set honey

Honey from Waltham Forest, Newham and Redbridge

Visit our online shop for the finest 100% pure raw London honey, homemade beeswax wraps, pure beeswax blocks or to reserve/purchase a nucleus of Honey bees 

Beekeeping Experience Days

Would you or someone you know, love to know a little more about the wonderful world of honey bees. Perhaps you are looking for an original gift idea, or you'd just like to treat yourself to a beekeeping experience. 


Enjoy our experience day with a 3-hour session held on the roof of an iconic building in Whitechapel London E1.


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Bushwoodbees Experience Days

Bushwood Bees experience days

Beekeeping Course in London 

Have you always been interested in becoming a beekeeper or want more knowledge of beekeeping?  If so why not attend one of our expertly run beekeeping courses which will give you all the hands-on, theoretical knowledge and confidence to manage your own beehives.

Run-on the rooftop of an iconic building in Whitechapel.


4 Sessions held over 2 weekends 

or 6 evenings after working hours.


Course Information and dates

Past Student reviews 

Beekeeping coures in London

Other Services we provide

School visits with live honey bees.

Beekeeping talks for clubs, societies, etc.

Educational sessions at your location.


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What started as a family hobby has provided us with a unique insight into the working of honey bees and the beehive. From the start, we realized the importance of locally adapted bees.  For several years we have raised queens and drones for our own colonies, to improve the local strains within our area and to supply to new and experienced beekeepers. We believe in buying local and are advocates of local bees adapted to our climate, each year we aim to raise a number of gentle nucleus colonies for sale or to expand our own.


 We also provide beekeeping courses and provide guidance to experienced beekeepers. To date, we have helped train close to 200 people.


Our aim is to impart knowledge and provide the best local bees and honey in London and the surrounding counties.  Beekeeping advice/guidance and talks are provided upon request. Please get in touch for further information. -



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