RAW local honey

Bee hives in Waltham Forest, Newham and Redbridge

Nothing added or taken away
Pure & Raw as Nature intended

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The raw honey we sell is lovingly extracted by us and taken as excess from our honey bees.  Our honey is never pasteurized, never blended, and is cold extracted.  Our honey bees forage on the vast amounts of plants, trees, and bushes in the local area. Due to the variety of forage the taste of the honey is rich and varied and something to be tried. -

Liquid  or soft set honey

Here we have our liquid honey,  Pure and raw, never heated, blended or pasteurized

£7 for 12oz (344g)
£5 for 8oz (227g)


Honey in its purest form.  No extraction necessary, From the hive without to the table.  The taste is something to be savoured.

£7 Cut Comb

£7 Chunk Honey (comb in honey)