Honey Bee Nucs - UK Reared 

Locally Reared Honey Bee Nucs

or UK Reared Buckfast F1

Adapted to the South East, London, Essex and surrounding areas

We have been rearing locally adapted honey bees for a number of years and also rear for our local beekeeping divsion.  Our honey bees are gentle, hardworking, thrify in the use of stores and manage very well in our climate.   All queens are from our best stock and open mated to provide the diversity required for strong colonies. 


All colonies will have this years queen,

brood in all stages as well as stores.
A nucleus of honey bees is supplied as either a five frame nucleus including a  sturdy correx travelling box or six frame nucleus in a box you have provided.


Unlike other nucleus colonies for sale, we ensure the honey bees and brood is the progeny of the mated Queen that will come with your nucleus. We do not mix and match in order to fulfill sales!  We give the queen time to lay at least one whole brood cycle so we can test the temperament of the colony before releasing for sale. Our colonies are very much sought after and we have limited stock for sale.


5 frame nucleus of bees including correx box- £180

6 frame nucleus of bees in a box you have provided-£180
Deposit of £50 to secure - £130 upon collection.


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