Bushwood Bees Videos

Honey bees manipulating propolis 

Watch this bee manipulating propolis used to seal up the hive and to inhibit the growth of bacterial and fungus. 

Thermal view of Bee hives during UK heatwave
View our rooftop bees in the London Heat on the 24th June 2020,
the ways the bees are able to regulate the temperate of their hive is amazing

Bees and Beekeeping Overview
1 1/2 hour video giving a good overview of bee and beekeeping

See how quickly a swarm builds up after 1 week

Removing Bees to see Queen Cells

How to check your chosen queen cell without shaking the frame

Shaking bees to see hidden queen cells

During swarming checks remember to check frames (not the one with your chosen queen cell)
by shaking the frames,  as you can see in the video if you don't shake the bees you will miss cells.

Basic Hive Inspection

Explaining what we do when inspecting our bees

Transfer Nucleus of Bees to full hive
How to transfer a nucleus into a full brood box